Monday, February 25, 2008

Psychotherapy vs Life Coaching: Which is for you?

A number of people have been asking me, “Why two businesses? What’s the difference between Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy and UPositive Life Coaching?” So I thought this would be a good place to try to clarify it.

As a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW), I am well trained to help you explore deep emotional issues, work through relationship problems, and recover from physical/sexual/emotional abuse. My Master’s level education as well as more than 15 years in the field, provides me with the expertise to help you change your life from the inside out.

In Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy sessions we explore the contributing factors to your relationship with the world and the people around you; address issues of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and the like to help you make better choices. We work our way through layers of your habits and defenses to change your behavior, attitude, and feelings in the life you lead. Of course, we also work with your goals, both therapeutic and life goals. Many tools used in life-coaching are utilized in therapy sessions as well.

However, due to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to which I adhere in Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy, ‘dual relationships’ are not permitted. In the simplest definition possible, ‘dual relationships’ constitute any contact between therapist and client outside the therapy session.

As a life coach with UPositive Life Coaching, I can help you change your life from the outside in. We focus on your goals, creative or otherwise. There are tools and techniques we will utilize to streamline your process of attaining the success you define for yourself. If you need help with a new wardrobe for a new type of career, or need support at your first showcase, I can be a help, just two quick examples of what I could not do as your therapist.

On the other hand, we will not investigate the deeper emotional issues that might have contributed to your previously delayed successes. If these past experiences become obstacles in reaching your goals, I will be able to refer you to a therapist to work through them, to further clear the way so that you can better reach the dreams you have for your life.

All the seminars presented through Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy and UPositive Life Coaching are open to clients of both; however, there may be follow-up groups to some of the life coaching seminars that would not be open to therapy clients, again due to the ethical limitations of that profession.

To sum up: If you have deep emotional scars that need healing, early-life traumas that need clearing, or patterns that have repeated since childhood or adolescence, Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy sessions would be most helpful to you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for guidance and support in setting, organizing, and achieving your goals, or with balancing your creative and everyday life…UPositive Life Coaching would be your best choice.

It really is: Do you need to work from the inside out (psychotherapy) or the outside in (life coaching). You will experience increased understanding of yourself, improve the quality of your life, and clear your path to success whichever choice is right for you.

Please feel free to post here, or contact me privately at if you have further questions about this topic.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Health Fair Canceled Feb. 23

Bad News First.
Sorry---if anyone was planning to go, but I just this minute got a call from the Turner Center at the Bellevue Y that they're postponing the Health Fair until late April. More info closer to that time.

Good news: my winning entry is up on, so if you have a chance and want a chuckle, you can read it there!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Courage to Create

Another Monday already! That was quick!

First, a huge thank you to Elysabeth, Steve, and Heather for their angelic and brilliant editing of my Web copy. I owe all three of you!

NEWS: Please remember to stop by and visit UPositive Life Coaching's table at the Turner Center Health Fair on Saturday, 2/23, between 9 and 2. It's focusing on (mildly) Alternative Medicine and Health, so there promises to be interesting information available. The Bellevue Y is behind the Starbuck's in the newly developed area just Nashville-side of Chaffin's Barn on Hwy. 100. Let me know if you need directions.

The March-April calendar for both UPositive Life Coaching and Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy is ready. I'm really excited about presenting a very wide range of workshops. The dates will be up on the Website as soon as the Website is up (, which is soon, I promise! Seminar topics: Goal Attainment for the Creative Person, Breaking thru Creative Blocks, Getting it Done! (accountability for attaining your goals), Intro to Past-Life Regressions, 2 Hours to Better Sleep, Positive Thinking, and a Women's Therapy Group. Contact me if you want more info on any of these prior to the website getting going.

Hopefully, my winning, and funny, contest entry will up on this week. I'm in the process of finding out what's holding it up.


The Courage to Create, what a wonderful phrase! It's also the title to one of Rollo May's books, first printed in 1975. Rollo May is a psychotherapist whose writing can fit as easily under the heading of philosophy.

Before I get into more detail, my Argumentative Imps (adorable little things, really) insist on being heard. The book talks about creative endeavors in the sense of high art, or well-judged art, or successful art. I wholeheartedly argue that creativity, art of any sort, every product of creative energy, has equal value. Rather than go into detail about that (a totally separate blog), I'd just like to say that what takes courage is not the quality of product, but the quality of action---the doing, the process. We only have the ability to choose to create, not to choose the results (if only we did! Grammies all around!)

In The Courage to Create, May addresses such questions as, Why does an original idea pop up from the unconscious at a given moment? What's the relation between talent and the creative act? Why are we so delighted by the products of creativity? Right in the Preface he gives the answer: "We express our being by creating. Creativity is a necessary sequel to being." The rest of the book explores the process of creativity itself as well as the courage needed to participate in life with a creative response. He discusses form and harmony, the need to make meaning from chaos, the high of the creative moment, the depth or absorption into the energy of life itself that is required for creativity.

The book is well-worth reading: I can't possibly do it justice here. Anyone interesting in creativity as a process or act will enjoy reading it.

What I would like to ask, though, is what does 'courage' mean, in relation to creativity?

Courage is usually defined as the determination to proceed with fear. If there is no fear, there is no courage...there's just everyday action. So...what's fearful about creativity?

Instead of giving my answer (fingers itching to type), I'm going to open the discussion up to all of you. Please post your thoughts, other questions, and ideas. I'm curious to hear what you all have to say! (And I promise to offer my own thoughts on the topic next Monday, or before.)


Monday, February 11, 2008

Updates, Monday Monday

Well, it's Monday, and here I am blogging. Yes, I do try to keep my word.

First, some News and Updates:
I won! I won! First prize in Seven Outrageous Writing Resolutions for 2008, on You know I can always create a list of goals, right? It's not up yet, but it should be there within the next few days. Guaranteed to give you a chuckle or two!

UPositive Life Coaching will have a table at The Turner Center's Alternative Health Fair, on Saturday, February 23, from 9 to 2, at the Bellevue Y (Hwy. 100, just before Chaffin's Barn). Stop on by to say hello! is moseying its way into existence...almost there, almost there. I'll be sending out an email to friends, clients, and family to announce it's actual day of birth.

In the meantime, some thoughts for this Monday.

I'm preparing a new seminar about Time Management for the Creative Person. Basically, there's a lot of conversation needed between the Left and Right Brains in this process, especially because the Left Hemisphere functions on (maybe invented) linear, clock-and-calendar time, and the Right Hemisphere functions on non-linear, cyclical-sequential-mood-go-with-the-flow time. The challenge is to overlap those two functions in the same realm of action: our actions.

There are tricks, of course. Time-expansion, which I'll teach at the seminar, works wonders, but can't be overused. Right-Brain/Left-Brain Communication is essential.

Maybe it's time to finally write my book: How to Get Everything Done Through Procrastination. I've got the title page and intro down, but I seem to get distracted by other activities....

Personally, I'm finding that after doing my goals visualizations, and my goals lists, and my goals outline, and my chart----that a running list of (almost 200) To-DoAbles helps. This won't work for everyone, but it might be worth a quick try. I hang it behind my computer, where my eyes (and hands and butt) spend most of their time---so I can't miss it. That way, there's no "I don't know what to do next" voice in my head with any validity. Sometimes I pull the list down, close my eyes, and just point. If I don't do that DoAble, I can always do the one above or below it (hey---who's looking?).

I do have some other ideas/points/tricks ready to go for the seminar, but I was wondering: Do any of you have ideas for time management that has worked for you in relation to your creativity---either getting down to creating or just making time for it in your busy schedule? Please feel free to share in a comment here.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome to the new blog for UPositive!

Welcome to the new blog for UPositive!!

Here, you'll be able to read and post comments about all sorts of topics related to psychotherapy, life coaching, creativity, upcoming UPositive Life Coaching and Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy seminars, new eBooks, motivation, and more!

In order to respect friends, clients, parents, and youngsters who might visit, I would appreciate everyone refraining from cursing on this blog. Other than that---thoughts, feelings, questions, answers, quotations, suggestions---pretty much anything goes.

My idea is to use this blog to address various issues related to the topics of my businesses---even the fact that I have more than one business. I'll mention books, quotes from books, maybe even movies or TV shows that elicit thoughts, inspiration, or questions, and I hope you'll add your own responses.

I'm hoping that clients, prospective clients, friends, family members, creative folks of all styles of expression find the blog helpful and inspiring!

Unlike my personal blog, I promise to post to this one at least once a week, preferably more often. I'm planning on Mondays, so please do check back!

And please visit my new Website: (up and running by the end of February, 2008), and about time!