Monday, June 16, 2008

Websites and Babies

(Old) News

The Nashville Goal-Attainment Meetup continues on Tuesdays at 6 pm. Please sign up for this empowering group at I'll be guiding people through a supportive process of getting to the goals they've already chosen. This is the Getting It Done! chance for success! Creative and everyday goals are welcome. It's an open group: come when you can!

Time Management for Creative People
will be presented at the Songwriter’s Guild of America the next two Thursdays (19th and 26th) of June. Please go to
to sign up. I’ll be presenting the seminar over two evenings: Thursdays, June 19th and 26th. First step in Time Management: put it on your calendars now! We’ll be talking about organizing, scheduling, and a lot more than that! As usual in my workshops, I’ll be addressing the special issues creative folks face in accomplishing left-brain activities such as managing time. We’ll be doing some fun right-brain activities, too. Conquering time management (yes, wear your chain-mail outfits!) leaves you more time to succeed with your creative endeavors! So, what are you waiting for? Seating is (really and truly) limited, so reserve now. Kimberly’s waiting to hear from you!

Website News
The to-do list to get up and running is now less than a page long, double-spaced! The two May videos are still up on YouTube, and will stay up for the month of June...and maybe July. Check them out and enter the creativity challenge! I’m still looking for help in creating a virtual party for the day when is up and running!

My first eBook, Goal Attainment for Creative People, is being edited by my wonderful friend Elysabeth Eldering and will be available through the
Website once that’s up, so please look for it there! Next goal is to create some fun products related to creativity, goal attainment, and just plain silliness; they’ll be available from in a week or two, and there will be a link from the Website.


This week's blog is going to be short and sweet. It'll explain all you need to know about where I am with the Website.

10. You eat a lot during its gestation, especially chocolate.
9. It takes about 9 months to get it out in the world.
8. Web designer is as costly---and as necessary---as an obstetrician.
7. It requires all your attention, all the time.
6. It wants to grow up big and strong quicker than it’s ready to.
5. It gets into trouble every time you try to ignore it for a minute.
4. It (well, you) gets very whiny, cries, and even throws things.
3. It doesn’t always play well with others (blogs, YouTube, etc.)

2. You have to arrange for play dates (links).
1. It gets jealous whenever you try to accomplish something else.