Monday, August 4, 2008

Permission Granted

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One of the joys of my career is to watch people as they realize that going for their personal and professional goals really is ‘okay.’ So many people learn (from parents, teachers, religious leaders, etc.) that working toward their heart’s and soul’s desire is ‘selfish,’ or ‘impossible,’ or ‘just a pipe dream.’

It isn’t. Those things that excite you, that impassion you, that fire up the light in your eyes and the energy in your face---those are goals to go for!

There are clients who come to me hoping it’s okay to say aloud the dreams they’ve carried around silently. That tense up when we start describing and outlining those dreams, taking the first steps toward changing them into goals. As they see the steps emerge on paper…actual actions they can take to live the life they really want…a transformation occurs.

I love watching it.

The anxiety drops and their faces clear. The hazy dullness of their eyes clears and sparks fly. Their backs straighten and their shoulders drop and open. Their voices shift, soften yet become stronger. They breathe deeper. Sometimes they cry.

They become their selves---their centered, empowered selves.

I’m blessed to be present during their transformation, and very thankful that they allow me to see it and experience it with them.

So let me give you all permission---right here and right now---to turn your dreams into goals, your goals into steps, your actions into success!

(Really, you need no one’s permission, except your inner self: but, sometimes, hearing it from someone else helps.)

(One caveat: this applies to dreams and goals that do no harm to others---of course.)

Have any of you experienced this? The moment when you have permission---from yourself or someone else---to claim your dreams? What did it feel like? What changed for you?