Monday, February 4, 2008

Welcome to the new blog for UPositive!

Welcome to the new blog for UPositive!!

Here, you'll be able to read and post comments about all sorts of topics related to psychotherapy, life coaching, creativity, upcoming UPositive Life Coaching and Passion-for-Life Psychotherapy seminars, new eBooks, motivation, and more!

In order to respect friends, clients, parents, and youngsters who might visit, I would appreciate everyone refraining from cursing on this blog. Other than that---thoughts, feelings, questions, answers, quotations, suggestions---pretty much anything goes.

My idea is to use this blog to address various issues related to the topics of my businesses---even the fact that I have more than one business. I'll mention books, quotes from books, maybe even movies or TV shows that elicit thoughts, inspiration, or questions, and I hope you'll add your own responses.

I'm hoping that clients, prospective clients, friends, family members, creative folks of all styles of expression find the blog helpful and inspiring!

Unlike my personal blog, I promise to post to this one at least once a week, preferably more often. I'm planning on Mondays, so please do check back!

And please visit my new Website: (up and running by the end of February, 2008), and about time!