Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reasons for Creativity

The second quotation in The UPositive Guide to Goal Attainment for Creative People (available at www.UPositive.com) is from the author Steve Gillete:

“There are so many good reasons for creating more beauty and music in the world.”

I love this quote. It gets me thinking about those reasons, coming up with specifics for why more beauty and music is so important. Thinking about this concept, I remember a story I heard about the traditional Balinese people, and their beliefs.

The people of Bali wear black-and-white check belts to symbolize the balance between “positive and negative” in the world. As I understand the story, it is necessary to have both for the world to continue: if there is too much negativity, the world will be destroyed; if the world becomes completely positive, there is no longer a reason for the world to exist.

Beauty and music---and anything created---is on the side of the “positive,” and helps to keep the world balanced and in existence. Simple.

Other traditions proclaim that creativity continues the use of the Original Energy of the beginning of the cosmos, and, therefore, is essential to its continuance as well.

It’s not a very far stretch to proclaim that creativity is, indeed, a Green activity, of which we always need more.

Do you agree? Do you see other “reasons” why beauty, music, and creativity are essential?