Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lost in Cyberia

Apologies to anyone who is kind enough to read this blog regularly and is wondering where this week's post being Thursday and my usual posts occur on Monday (well, maybe Tuesday morning).

The Website is coming'll be ready any time now...

I have been lost in Cyberia for the past two weeks trying to get it ready! There's sooooo much to it! Debbie at has been wonderful, and patient, and kind, and brilliant in doing the web-building and's going to be great!

(I've also been fighting a bad tooth infection, and on might not have been an intelligent post anyway!)

New posts will return this coming Monday, June `9.

In the meantime, sign up with the Songwriter's Guild of America for the two-evening seminar on Time Management for Creative People. You'll have more time for your creative pursuits, get more done, and feel less frazzled by the end of it!

The Goal Attainment Meetup of Nashville still meets Tuesday evenings at 6 pm for those of you willing to put effort into your dreams and aspirations. We won't be meeting the first Tuesday of the month because Chuck Whiting just asked me to help emcee his Tunesmithing Nights at Borders (I'll get you that link!). Check out the details for the Meetup at

Have a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday!