Monday, May 26, 2008


The Nashville Goal-Attainment Meetup continues on Tuesdays at 6 pm. Please sign up for this empowering group at I'll be guiding people through a supportive process of getting to the goals they've already chosen. This is the Getting It Done! chance for success! Creative and everyday goals are welcome. It's an open group: come when you can! We meet May 27, then skip a week for Chuck Whiting/SGA’s Tunesmithing at Border’s on West End---come join us!. We meet again June 10 if you miss tomorrow’s goals meeting.

Time Management for Creative People will be presented at the Songwriter’s Guild of America in June. June is soon, people! Please go to to sign up. I’ll be presenting the seminar over two evenings: Thursdays, June 19th and 26th. First step in Time Management: put it on your calendars now! We’ll be talking about organizing, scheduling, and a lot more than that! As usual in my workshops, I’ll be addressing the special issues creative folks face in accomplishing left-brain activities such as managing time. We’ll be doing some fun right-brain activities, too. Conquering time management (yes, wear your chain-mail outfits!) leaves you more time to succeed with your creative endeavors! So, what are you waiting for? Seating is (really and truly) limited, so reserve now. Kimberly’s waiting to hear from you!

Website News The to-do list to get up and running is now less than a page long, double-spaced! The two May videos are up on YouTube, and will stay up for the month of June. Check them out and enter the creativity challenge! I’m still looking for help in creating a virtual party for the day when is up and running!

My first eBook, Goal Attainment for Creative People, is being edited by my wonderful friend Elysabeth Eldering and will be available through the Website once that’s up, so please look for it there! Next goal is to create some fun products related to creativity, goal attainment, and just plain silliness; they’ll be available from in a week or two, and there will be a link from the Website.


It’s Memorial Day. Day of memories. Day of being thankful to those who have given their lives for our freedoms.

I keep reminding myself that freedom isn’t about how far I can afford to drive in my car this week, given the rising gas prices: it’s about the right to go where I want when I want to, even if I have to walk! Freedom isn’t about which candidate I’m going to vote for: it’s about being able to go to the polls unaccosted in order to vote.

Like many Americans, I love my country: at the same time, I appreciate having the freedom to criticize it, admonish it for not living up to its own high ideals, and speaking out against the injustices I see it perpetrating. This doesn’t make me less American---it makes me more American. Participating in the government isn’t just a right, I believe it’s a responsibility.

My challenge to anyone reading this blog is to write / sculpt / dance / sing / build / whittle / knit your creative expression of freedom.

If you’d like to post it here to share with others---please do!

And thank you to all those who have given their lives so that we are free to continue in the expression and experience of our freedoms in America.