Monday, April 21, 2008


This Saturday, April 26, from 9 till 2, is the long-awaited health fair at the Bellevue Y---hope to see you there!

The UPositive Website is, I promise, in the works and almost ready. Can’t wait to send out the announcement about it. An e-newsletter will be coming at about the same time.

Transitions. Do we love them or do we hate them? They’re necessary to get from place A to place B, and when we set goals, it’s important to consider how change occurs.

Preparation is an essential step in any process. The more effort you put into preparation, the more powerful the step when you’re ready to take it. Native Americans, for instance, who practice the Sun Dance start months if not years before getting ready physically and spiritually for the sacred ordeal. The Sun Dance is often done for purification, to rid oneself of the past before stepping into the future.

Taking the time to assess where you’re coming from, what’s held you prisoner, what’s created obstacles to your success before now is essential before planning steps to achieve new goals. Some of those obstacles must be addressed before they rear their ugly heads again, stopping you before you get very far. Including ways to face your inner and outer demons in your planning helps immensely in reaching your goals.

The transition from past to present is rarely comfortable. It’s the in-between. The not-here-anymore but not-yet-there-either stage. It feels narrow and constricting. You’re ready for action but can’t yet take it. You want to break free and jump ahead to race for your finish line.

Remember the turtle who won the race with the hare? Sometimes it's the person who takes the necessary time to do what must be done who wins in the end. Don’t shortcut the process by skipping the all-important transition from what’s behind you to what’s in front of you. Take the time now to assess, and to add what you need to do to avoid past mistakes or problems to your To-DoAble list.

And then---Go for your Goal!!