Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Approaches to Life

The Nashville Goal-Attainment Meetup begins Tuesday, May 13 a 6 pm. Please sign up for this empowering group at http://self-improvement.meetup.com/279/. I'll be guiding people through a supportive process of getting to the goals they've already chosen. This is the Getting It Done! chance for success! Creative and everyday goals are welcome. If you can’t make it on the 13th, we’ll be meeting every Tuesday---it’s an open group: come when you can!

Time Management for Creative People will be presented at the Songwriter’s Guild of America in June. June is soon, people! Please go to www.songwritersguild.com to sign up. I’ll be presenting the seminar over two evenings: Thursdays, June 19th and 26th. First step in Time Management: put it on your calendars now! We’ll be talking about organizing, scheduling, and a lot more than that! As usual in my workshops, I’ll be addressing the special issues creative folks face in accomplishing left-brain activities such as managing time. We’ll be doing some fun right-brain activities, too. Conquering time management (yes, wear your chain-mail outfits!) leaves you more time to succeed with your creative endeavors! So, what are you waiting for? Seating is (really and truly) limited, so reserve now. Kimberly’s waiting to hear from you!

Website News
www.UPositive.com is still in the works…closer…ever closer. My videos will be on YouTube also, and might even be there before the Web is up. My Web-designer/mistress Debbie Gordon (www.digiroo.com) is still waving her magic cyber-wand and promises…soon! Trust me, I’ll let everyone know when www.UPositive..com is up and running!

Styles of Tasting Life

One of UPositive Life Coaching’s clients voiced concerns about all her interests and often coming to a standstill because she can’t decide among her many choices. I’ve heard this so many times, especially from creative people. Barbara Sher, in her book Refuse to Choose writes extensively on the subject, and if you or someone you know often faces this ‘problem,’ I highly recommend reading the book.

I truly believe that people have different ways of being in the world. I don't think one way is right or wrong.

Some have one narrow path: they are here to follow it, know what it is, and do it. My nephew is like that. Brilliant, wonderful kid. He knew as a junior (maybe earlier) in high school that he wanted to be a lawyer...he joined the debate team, did all sorts of things related, took relevant courses in college, will be entering his final year in law school in the fall. It's his single passion. Unfortunately, he considers himself too single-minded, and is now looking at developing interests outside law and school---and it's very hard for him to do that. He's like a friend of mine with one or two restaurants the prefer to dine at, where they always order the same, favorite dish. They're happy doing that.

Other people have a multitude of interests. They’re here to sample as many restaurants as possible. They enjoy going to a buffet of life. A taste of this, a bite of that. What happens for them---because of the culture and time we live in, I think---is they appear to be undecided. There's a myth that we're supposed to choose something and do that, and stick to it. But if everyone followed just one path, we wouldn't need maps or AAA or Mapquest. There's an excitement for those who are made this way in experiencing a whole lot of what life has to offer. Loving the smell of fresh-baked rye bread; then kneading up some Challah just to smell the difference when it's baking. Filling one vase with only roses, the other with one of each flower in the garden.

Why force yourself into a style of life that isn’t natural for you? Why not congratulate yourself for your multiple interests? Or for your single passion?

I’m always fascinated by the diversity of how human beings approach life. That’s a large part of what drew me to my first Master’s degree in cultural anthropology, and to my second in psychotherapy. We’re such an adaptable species! A Native Philipino up at Akwesasne (Mohawk reservation, upstate New York) once said: “We take the similarities [among people] for granted; it’s the differences that we celebrate.”

What’s your style in approaching life? I’ve only mentioned two here…there are bound to be others.